Filey’s Windmill Recreating an iconic building
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We   would   be   absolutely   delighted   if   readers   are   able   send   us   copies   of any   photographs   of   the   mill   which   do   not   appear   in   these   pages   and   we would   love   to   hear   of   any   stories   that   involve   the   mill,   its   millers   and any other people who have been connected with it over the years. You can get in touch with us by email at contact@ .uk  
At   the   moment   Muston   Mill   does   not   have   a   Google   Maps   marker associated   with   it   but   it   can   be   located   by   zooming   in   until   Mill   Farm Holiday   Cottages   appear   -   the   mill   lies   200yds   to   the   north-west   of them   across   the   main   A1039   road.   Now   switch   to   the   Google   Earth view and the rebuilt mill tower can be seen standing in its field .
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